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Syston Group - Level 2 Diploma in Arboriculture - Provisional Dates for 2016/17

Sessions 1-12


19th September 2016

17th October

7th November

5th December

23rd January 2017

6th February

6th March

27th March

24th April

15th May

5th June

19th June  

Please note this timetable is subject to changes and is seen as provisional.

Notices to candidates:

  • The full content of the qualification can be found here
  • to view and login to the TREE LIFE LEARNER PORTAL please sign in to the website above (Details for the portal are given to candidates on their first session)

Syston Address:

Braemar Court, 1319 Melton Road

The Office:

As you look at the office buildings on Braemar Court,Tree Life is in the left hand corner with our front door facing the car park entrance. As you enter the door we are the office on the ground floor on your left hand side.


Parking: Please park to the rear of the buildings, and to the left hand bottom side as you enter - DO NOT PARK IN THE FRONT CARPARK.

Contact Number in relation to course: 07773132009

Tutor: Antony Price

Day of Course: Monday

Times of sessions: 9.30 - 4.30pm

Course Manager: Keely Dowson