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So who is Tree Life? 


David Dowson 

                MAEA BA (Hons) FICFor.  F.ARBOR.A   Dip ARB (RFS) Tech Cert (ARBOR A) CEnv CUEW Cert Ed. FCIEA

David Dowson Cropped.jpgDave is our senior AA Registered Consultant and the man who started Tree Life in 1997, all told he has been in the arboricultural industry at all levels for the last 35 years. He concentrates mainly on teaching the short courses program, Level 6 qualifications and carrying out Consultancy for the company.  He is also the author of the LANTRA Professional Tree Inspection 3 Day Course and has recently gained a masters in Educational Assessment.  


Andrew Summerley 

                  BSc (Hons), Dip Arb (RFS), Tech Cert (ARBOR.A), DMS, Cert FE, F.Arbor.A.CEnv

A Summerley Cropped.jpg

Andy joined Tree Life as a partner & director in 2004 from Moulton college and has been a great addition to our company. Andy is our Level 4 Diploma in Arboriculture course manager while also still finding time to carry out some level 6 Diploma training and consultancy work!



Both of the guys teach our Professional Tree Inspection courses and our 1 day short courses that you can find displayed on our website.

If you have any questions about arboriculture they are probably the one's to contact first as there's not much they don't know about this industry!

        And finally... the girl on the phone and the one dealing with all your administration queries is me.... Keely Dowson. I am the one to come to if there is a problem with the website or a question about our courses.

Keely Dowson

                   BA (Hons)

Keely Dowson.JPG

As you have probably also guessed by the name I am the daughter of Dave so Tree Life has become some what of a family business with our extended family being Andy & his wife.

I haven't yet got quite the array of qualifications that the other guys have but I'm working on it!