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Tree Life Sponsorship Programme 201​8!


This was something Tree Life has done as of 2011 - we know that the qualifications are an investment of time and money and with few able to get any government funding or loans this, along with our payment plans, is to try and help our learners.

We have decided to offer sponsorship for TWO candidates:

  • One Level 6 Diploma Candidate
  • One Level 4 Diploma Candidate

The idea behind this is to give two candidates the opportunity for financial backing to take qualifications that they may other wise not have had an opportunity to take.

DETAILS NOW AVAILABLE - You can now find out how to apply to be a 'Tree Life Sponsored Candidate' by clicking on the link below.

Tree Life Sponsorship Programme guide 2018.pdf

Tree Life Sponsorship Application Form L4 2018.doc

Tree Life Sponsorship Application Form L6 2018.doc

Deadline: 1st July 2018