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Report Writing Course Details - Stage 2

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Course Details:

                        Construction of a detailed or supplementary report where additional information resulting from for example from the use of decay detection and measurement equipment is to be included in the report.                                                                                                                

Dates: To be confirmed - if you would like to go on to our list for information please email Keely

Cost: £130.00 + Vat


Course aim

Construction of a report based on a single tree inspection with the use of decay detection and measurement equipment covering data collection, and the instructions through to management recommendations.


The course tutor will provide guidance at each stage of the report construction and you will receive a completed report at the end of the day to use as a template if desired.


Course outcome

Candidates can write a good report that informs the client appropriately, contains the appropriate level of additional information whilst protecting the report author.


Course requirements


Essential – writing materials, reference books, laptop computer


Desirable – a minimum level 2 (NQF) Arboricultural qualification and experience with decay detection and measuring equipment.