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Report Writing Course Details - Stage 3a & 3b

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Stage 3a - Construction of a first report following instructions received from a solicitor’s office relating to a dispute.                                                                                                         

Cost: £150.00 +Vat


Course aim


Construction of the report based on an injury resulting from a tree failure covering data collection, and the instructions through investigation methodology to conclusions and expert opinion.


The course tutor will provide guidance at each stage of the report construction and you will receive a completed report at the end of the day to use as a template if desired.


Course outcome


Candidates can write an excellent report that informs a solicitor appropriately in order that they can determine if there is a case to be answered with a view that the candidate will undertake a report post the course and submit that to Tree Life for written feed back on their performance.


Course requirements


Essential – writing materials, reference books, laptop computer, a minimum level 3 (NQF) Arboricultural qualification


Desirable – Level 6 (NQF) Arboricultural qualification or studying towards a qualification such as the RFS professional diploma.


Stage 3bStage 3b tag.bmp


An opportunity to submit post the course a report related to a case for review and feedback.

                                                                                                                                                  Cost: £85.00 +Vat