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Tree Risk Management System Training Day & Internal Audit of a Tree Risk Management System - 1 Day Courses.  


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Course(s): Tree Risk Management System Training Day & Internal Audit of a Tree Risk Management System

Cost of Course: £130 + vat for each day (includes a buffet lunch)

Venue: Tree Life Training Centre, Braemar Court, 1319 Melton Road, Syston, Leicestershire LE7 2EN.

Times of each day: 9.30 – 4.30



Course 1 - Tree Risk Management System Training Day- Course Details

The aim of the training day is to provide a program that allows candidates to go away with sufficient working knowledge to compile a policy and start the processes of implementing a Tree Risk Management Strategy within their organisation where a policy does not exist.

The day will utilise up to date information from organisations such as the National Tree Safety Group, Health and Safety Executive, research groups such as the Centre for Decision Analysis and Risk Management, consultants, court precedent, statute law and other relevant sources to provide guidance and advice on the formation of a policy of tree risk management that is appropriate for the level of risk that exists with trees.

The information presented should ensure that the candidate can, with the aid of a template, prepare a risk management strategy that identifies the requirements of such a policy e.g. policy/strategy formation, zoning, inspection regimes, inspector qualifications, data collection, record keeping processes and prioritisation needs etc.

Tree Life has been involved with writing and overseeing strategy production for a number of large organisations in the UK including Local Authorities and private organisations. With one particular organisation the system in place has been tested in court and stood up to scrutiny confirming the relevance of our work. The other side of putting a system in place is the examination of a system when things go wrong – in these matter Tree Life have a had a good deal of experience. This work assists us to improve our advice and to know what a good system requires.

In evaluating the requirements of a system, we have bench marked our work against the better local authorities and other large organisations to ensure that what we advocate is consistent with the standards of our industry.

Each candidate will be provided with templates and other relevant information which they can take away on disk

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Course 2 -  Internal Audit of a Tree Risk Management System - Course Details​           


The aim of this course is for us to provide a programme that allows a manager of a tree risk management system that is already in place to go away with sufficient understanding of internal audit processes and what aspects require to be examined in the audit process.

The programme will cover the following: 

  • role of the internal auditor

  • benefits to an organisation

  • a systems approach to internal audit

  • the aspects to be covers in relation to arboriculture

  • methodology for carrying out the audit

  • preparations for an audit report      

The morning session will consist of a presentation using power point, notes for each candidate will be provided.

The afternoon session is where the workshop comes to life and the candidates will examine a tree risk management system that has been in operation for 10 years relating to trees owned by a parish council. The parish has been divided into zones and the trees are inspected by a competent arboriculturist and two tree wardens on a regular basis. The candidates will need to identify if the system is operating according to the tree risk strategy, or if not, where the weaknesses are. Once identified the candidates will need to produce actions that will strengthen the system.

The examination of the system will be carried out using a systematic approach using a template methodology. This template can be adopted or adapted to suit each candidates use at work. It is this systematic approach that delivers the strength of the work shop. Tree Life has been able to use the template very successfully in auditing several large organisations in the UK which include Local Authorities.

Work shop outcome:

Each candidate should be able to undertake an internal audit of a tree risk management system and produce a report to highlighting deficiencies and make recommendations to strengthen the system.

A CD disk will be produced for each candidate giving templates to accompany the audit process 

A Certificate of Attendance will be provided

We look forward to seeing you at our Syston Training Centre!