Current Candidates

Our Current Tree Life Learners​ Page:

In July of each year this page is refreshed for our next intake of candidates so that you can find your course information leading up to the start of your course with us.

Currently the information contained on this page is for those that are undertaking studies in the academic year:

Once you start on your course with us you will be given your individual details to logon to our portal website to gain additional course notes after each session.

Click on your location group below for your course details:

Please remember that in order to keep you up to date with your course information we need your updated details so if there are any changes to your details held with us please contact Keely on the following address and make her aware of them, thanks. 

To enter the Learner Portal please sign in using the link above at the top right hand side of the page once you have received your login details from us. 

Tree Life moderation dates and deadlines for students each year:

March Moderation:
  • Last date for Submission of initials - Last day of December
  • Last date for Submission of Re-submissions - Last day in January
September Moderation: 
  • Last date for submission of initials - last day of June
  • Last date for submission of re-submissions - Last day of July

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