Classroom v's TreeMail

We are often asked about the possibility of studying the Level 4 & 6 Diplomas via Distance learning and so here is a rundown of our answer about this style of learning...

...for us at Tree Life there is no doubt that the Classroom option for learning is better - it is the easier, cheaper and quicker way to gain the qualification. The support in the classroom from the tutor and the other learners can be invaluable. Many candidates often find that they are actually able to make the 12-15 sessions over the 10 month period that the classroom courses require.

Of course we recognise that not all of our learners can make the course such as those in Ireland and Hong Kong that have taken our training, so we need to provide the option so if you are unable to make the classroom sessions then email Keely for a booklet of information and prices related to Tree Mail.

The Tree Mail course would start with just one mandatory Day in the office and then it switches to fully correspondence, this one day has proved to be enormously important as we are able to cover a couple of the assignments that need candidates present for and go through the way that the qualifications work. of course the meet up between learner and tutor can also be an important part of the day.

The start date for Tree Mail Courses: March

The start date for Classroom based Courses: September/October

Classroom vs TreeMail

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