The Consultancy Side of Tree Life

Tree Life provides a consultancy service for those clients requiring the services of experts in tree related matters. The consultancy practice based in Leicestershire was formed in 1997 and has consultants working for the company that individually have over 30 years experience each of dealing with all aspects of trees.

The practice has within it a Chartered Arboriculturist and an Arboricultural Association Registered Consultant who is also a qualified expert witness. The practice has experience in most aspects of tree issues covering the following areas of work particularly:


Surveys and inspections related to safety issues.
Preparation of reports for potential house purchasers when trees are present close by.
Tree Preservation Order (TPO) applications for work where the Local Planning Authority (LPA) may request additional technical information to support an application, objections to the making of a TPO and appeals against

  • work refusals or non-determinations.
  • Conservation Area designation written notices of intent to carry out works.
  • Preparation of reports in accordance with BS 5837:2012 Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction. Recommendations that are required to support a planning application where trees are a material consideration - also the lodging of appeals following a planning refusal.
  • Identifying and providing remedies for pests, diseases and disorders that can affect trees.
  • Organising, carrying our and supervising invasive inspection of tree using specialist equipment to assist in the assessment of the extent of damage/hollowness. Some of this specialist equipment can produce a colour Tomography of the interior of a segment of tree trunk

The consultants are always very happy to speak with potential clients and to offer advice over the phone in the first instance to determine if their services are required and to discuss what the practice can offer the client.

The work of the practice is not confined to the county of Leicestershire, it is not easy to find an Arboricultural Association Registered Consultant in the entire Midlands area, North East England, Yorkshire and Norfolk hence we travel regularly outside of our home county and also across the Irish sea to provide consultative services.

The practice can also provide assistance when clarity on aspects of common laws and statute laws are required for example overhanging branches, trespassing roots, the Highways Act and the Wildlife and Countryside Act.

The practice also offers the client a range of expert witness options related to tree matters. The practice specialises in tree related damage to built structures, tree related injuries and deaths caused by failed trees or accidents at work occurring to those engaged in tree surgery work and tree inspection processes.

Amongst our largest clients are:

  • The National Trust
  • Health and Safety Executive
  • Norfolk County Council
  • Beachcroft Wansbrough Law firm
  • Nottingham City Council
  • Sheffield City Council
  • Chris Thorpe Planning Limited
  • Burleigh House Preservation Trust
  • Coventry University

However, much of our work is carried out for individuals with one off projects and requests for assistance and we look forward to those as they can provide some unusual and differing types of work.

Main consultant for Tree Life: David Dowson BA (Hons) FICFor. F.ARBOR.A Dip ARB (RFS) Tech Cert (ARBOR A) CEnv CUEW Cert Ed. FCIEA

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