Fungi 'recognition & response' 1 Day Course

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Cost: £120 + Vat, includes Buffet lunch

Venue: The Tree Life Training Centre, Syston, Leicestershire

Times: 9.30 - 4.00

Does this course qualify for CPD: Yes

Reasons for the course:

  • Fungi are interesting to people for a variety of reasons:-
  • Perhaps they like to eat them
  • they may be interested in them for the wildlife they support
  • more likely it is because some of them help trees fall over
  • so your interest may be culinary
  • it may be ecological
  • but it is probably more likely to be primarily legal!

Fungi represent a huge variety in terms of size, shape, colour, appearance, texture, and more importantly in their strategies and the types of decay they cause.

It is essential, particularly in this litigious day and age, that anyone who owns or is responsible for trees, whether that be working on them or offering professional advice about them, has sufficient knowledge to be able to recognise fungi and decide on the appropriate action.

So what does this course offer?

  • guidance on the recognition of fungal fruiting bodies
  • knowledge of the way they gain access to their hosts
  • an understanding of their life cycles
  • an awareness of what they are doing inside the tree
  • the ability to reach sensible conclusions as to their significance.

Is this course for you?

If you can answer yes to any of the following questions then our answer to you is 'yes'

  • do you climb trees for a living and want to be sure they’ll take your weight?
  • do fungi simply fascinate you and you wish you knew more about them?
  • do people ask you "what's that and what's it doing to my tree?"
  • do you know a little but wish you knew more?
  • did you perhaps learn about them years ago, and want to refresh your knowledge?
  • do you offer advice, however simple, to any of your customers about fungi and sometimes feel a little out of your depth?


A Certificate of Attendance will be provided

We look forward to seeing you at our Syston Training Centre!

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