Training Questions & Answers:

Q - Can I still work full time?

A - Yes, all of our current learners are working full time and although there is a lot of work out side of the classroom to complete, and this will need to be programmed in to our learners working week,s our learners have always shown that to be working in the industry at the same time as completing these professional Qualifications is of definite benefit. Take a look at some of our testimonials to see what our learners have been saying about the courses and the time commitment

Q - Why is the training provider I choose important?

A - The training provider you work with to complete these QCF Qualifications is now more important than ever before. The Assessment Criteria (AC's) are set by the awarding body (written in conjunction with Dave Dowson of Tree Life) and it is then for the training providers to set the assignments to ensure that the learners are able to complete and show that the AC's have been met. The work is then marked by the tutor and any aspect that does not meet the requirements needs to come back with feedback enabling each learner to complete the assignment so that at moderation the work is passed without any issue. When moderation occurs at the end of the course the awarding body are looking at the centre and the individual learners to ensure everything is in line so that the qualifications can be awarded. So ultimately you have to know that the assessments set and the work stated as passed is good enough to be passed at the time of moderation. For Tree Life the sentence 'Exemplar Centre' has been used by our moderator and we have had no issues or recommendations for improvement given since the start of this style of qualification which, having worked hard to achieve, we are very pleased with!

Q - What happens when my application form is sent in?

A - Places available for each of our locations are listed on our website and once a form is sent in with its deposit the place will be set aside, the website updated and the form processed. Once the form has been processed the learner will receive a letter of confirmation, reading list for the course, directions to the training centre, additional information for the first session and a deposit receipt. Learners will be given information leading up to the first session and will receive access to the course portal following the first session.

Q - What qualifications would my tutor hold?

A - At Tree Life we have a team of 7 tutors and assessors of which 3 are tutors for the level 4 and 6 Diplomas who all hold the Level 6 Professional Diploma alongside their teaching qualifications, we have 1 specialised tutor for a couple of our level 4 units and 3 assessors who deal specifically with the level 4 and 6 assignments who again hold the level 6 Professional Diploma. Dave and Andy, the Directors of Tree Life, are two of the tutors and their qualifications can be seen more fully in the about us section of this website.

Q - Will I have access to my tutors outside of the classroom?

A - All learners will have the email addresses and contact numbers for their tutors and so messages can be sent and phone calls made and tutors will look to deal with each question as soon as possible. While learners are completing homework there are often questions that need answering rather than being left to the next session.

Q - How large are the Tree Life classes?

A - Our largest class is always Westonbirt Arboretum and this currently stands at a maximum of 20 learners other locations run from between 12 to 14 learners ordinarily. Each class maximum is set by the tutor of that class and we review our numbers across the whole to ensure that we do not take on more learners than we can work with within the deadlines we set for feedback on work and questions within sessions. We know this is important to our learners gaining the qualification. The number of places remaining for each course can always be found on our demo course website.

Q - How have previous ABC awarding body moderation gone for Tree Life?

ASince 2011 we have had 2 moderation per year and as we said above have been very pleased with all of them. We have worked hard from the start to bring in this framework and continually attend all of the ABC Awards meetings to ensure we are up to date with the requirements for moderation so that there are no nasty surprises at moderation time! We have been named an exemplar centre.

Q - How often do learners receive feedback on their work?

A - At each session learners will receive an assessment brief with assignments to complete for hand in at the next session, any work handed in at that session will then be marked with individual feedback and given back to the learner at the next session so there is a continuous cycle of feedback. With this new framework the feedback is almost the most important part as it is this that learners use to complete the assignments and achieve the assessment criteria. at the start of each session group feedback will also be given. For a couple of AC's a portal test will be used at for this the feedback and marks are instant. We recently carried out a survey and in it 98% said that feedback was always or to a great extent delivered back to them within the set deadlines. and 92% said the feedback contributed always or to a great extent to developing their learning.

Q - Where can I find out the prices for the courses?

A - Our prices are not online and this is so that we can speak to our potential learners and advise then in their next educational step. A call or an email will mean a booklet of information coming your way. It’s a case of the right course, for the right person, at the right time. At Tree Life we are not about bums on seats! We need to ensure that for our courses to work well, and for our learners to be given the best chance of gaining the qualification, that you are on the right level of course for you. We always advise that you speak to us so that we can advise you in the best way possible even if that means a difference course to the ones we offer.

Q - What sources of funding are open to me?

A - Funding for these courses is extremely difficult to get hold of and unfortunately means that it is unlikely you will find a funding source. If a learner does find a source of funding it often means there is paperwork to complete from the training provider we are more than happy to do this if it aids a learner getting that funding. Because of the lack of funding and the fact that we recognise this is an investment of time and money we offer interest free payment plans to assist with this as well as the Tree Life Sponsorship programme which offers sponsorship to one level 4 and one level 6 learner each year.

Q - How up to date in the industry are Tree Life?

A - Tree Life is not just a training provider, all of our tutors are also working as consultants too and this means that we have to be up to date when preparing our reports etc - we are doing what we are teaching. Tree Life also attends the AA yearly conference and other CPD sessions throughout the year.

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