Mortgage Report Writing Course Details

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Cost: £140.00+Vat includes buffet lunch template disk and workbook notes

Venue: Tree Life Training Centre

Tree Life Training Centre: Yes

Course aims:

Examine the information required to enable an effective analysis to be made of the risk posed to property by woody vegetation growing within influencing distance for the purposes of a house purchaser who requires to obtain a mortgage or insurance.

Evaluate what level of information is required and to identify sources of information in order to complete a report that is appropriate to the client needs.

To construct a report based on a prediction of the potential for woody vegetation to cause indirect and direct damage to a property and one that protects the author from possible legal proceedings.

The course tutor will provide guidance at each stage of the information gathering and report construction and you will receive a completed report at the end of the day to use as a template if desired.

Course outcome:

Candidates can source appropriate information in order to write a good report that informs the client appropriately whilst protecting the report author. Course notes and other useful material will be provided in a course handbook.

Course requirements:

Essential – Writing materials, a good understanding of the inter-relationship between shrinkable clay soils, built structures, water movement in soils and uptake by woody vegetation. A minimum level 3 (NQF) Arboricultural qualification

Desirable – Reference books related to direct and indirect damage.

Included in the course: buffet lunch, disk of templates and workbook.


A Certificate of Attendance will be provided

We look forward to seeing you at our Syston Training Centre!

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