Level 2 Qualification in Arboriculture:

The SEG Level 2 Certificate in Arboriculture aims to:

SEG Recognised Centre

provide learners with the opportunity to acquire the essential skills, knowledge and understanding required for employment in arboriculture and related industries, and to enable them to progress to advanced study

provide a stimulating and supportive learning environment for learners to develop their potential contribution to arboriculture and associated industries

develop underpinning knowledge within the subject area, by promoting and encouraging the development of new techniques and learning activities

Our Objective: For our learners to achieve a level 2 qualification which will improve their career ambitions in the real world of arboriculture and ensure our learners have the necessary knowledge to complete a level 4 qualification in the future.

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Units Covered:

Five Mandatory Theory Units:

  • The interaction of soil environments and woody plants
  • Woody plant physiology
  • The supply planting and aftercare of woody plants
  • Principles of tree surgery operations
  • Tree inspections and statute and common law applied to trees

One of the following Optional Units:

  • The principles of aerial tree surgery and ground based arboricultural operations
  • Principles of woodlands, forestry and ecology.
  • The principles of managing special trees
  • Principles of tree surgery equipment use and maintenance

The assessment for the majority of the qualification will be by internal assessment; therefore candidates will be submitting work to Tree Life which will build up not only their knowledge as a resource for future work, but also build in to a portfolio of evidence of completed work for attaining the Certificate. The portfolio will form the evidence required at external moderation.

The course has been designed to take 1 year to complete up to the Level 2 Certificate. Where possible we work to a traditional academic term time table.

In summary:

  • Gain the Full Certificate with Tree Life in 1 year or have support from us for a further year if you don't quite manage it in the year.
  • Courses are part time and designed to fit around work.
  • Internal assessment meaning no external examinations!
  • These are professional Qualifications and therefore Tree Life prepares candidates not just for the gaining of the qualification but for the next job in hand.
  • A highly qualified Tutor who is also a well respected consultant in his own right.
  • 11 sessions of training across a 10 month period. Starting in September each year with moderation in the following September thereby taking a year to complete the qualification.

Payment Options:

Since the beginning Tree Life has always offered payment options with NO interest charged and this year is no different. Candidates can choose from a range of options that spread across the length of the course:

  • to pay in one lump sum at the start of the course.
  • 4 interest free Direct Debits.


.....so call 0116 260 6939 or email us for further advice and details!


At Tree Life we want to ensure that every candidate is on the right qualification at the right time for them as this makes for the best environments in which to learn in and ensure the best chances for the candidate to gain the qualification, therefore please call us to discuss your next step with us and gain advice.
Access to a computer with an internet connection and an email address is advisable for each candidate due to the receiving of materials and the completion of work for their portfolios.

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Next intake: September 2024. Following intake: September 2025.

July 2023 Update: We are now full for Level 2 and Level 4 for September 2023, and we are on our last few spaces for the ATP. Our 2024 Course Information is now available; please email admin@treelifeac.co.uk to recieve a copy of our 2024 Booklet. We are now accepting applications at all levels for the September 2024 courses and the 2024 Course Deposit button is below for our early birds.

Please note: You must send in your application form as well as the deposit for your course. For all questions please contact us at admin@treelifeac.co.uk 

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