Subsidence Investigation Workshop

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Cost: £130 + Vat, includes Buffet lunch.

Venue: Tree Life Training Centre, Braemar Court, 1319 Melton Road, Syston, Leicestershire LE7 2EN.

Times: 9.30 - 4.30


Aim of the course:

The aim of the course is to provide a programme that allows Arboricultural attendees to go away with sufficient understanding of how a claim to fell a tree implicated in subsidence should be processed in relation to:

  • Understanding the insurance prospective
  • Undertaking a desk top study of available data
  • Data interpretation
  • Making a site visit
  • Mitigating the damage caused
  • The programme will cover the following issues:
  • Subsidence a persistent problem
  • What is Heave
  • Preliminary actions in an alleged case of subsidence
  • Diagnosing subsidence problems
  • Trees and desiccation
  • Subsidence monitoring
  • Interpretation of laboratory and monitoring results
  • Mitigating subsidence damage in relation to tree works

Each candidate will be able to take away with them a template that can be used to methodically work through a claim and allow conclusions to be drawn and thereafter can present these to other parties such as LA solicitors as a means of seeking a permanent solution to the claim.

Included in the course: buffet lunch, disk of templates and workbook for candidates to take away to help them complete Subsidence reports on their own.

A Certificate of Attendance will be provided

We look forward to seeing you at our Syston Training Centre!

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