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Q: Why choose Tree life?
A: For three very good reasons - Firstly because where else would you be trained by a centre that has on board an ICF Chartered Arboriculturist and AA registered Consultant currently practising at the top of our industry? Secondly because Tree Life comes recommended by our learners that have studied with us, which as far as we are concerned is the most important recommendation we could have and Thirdly because we are seen as an 'exemplar centre' by ABC Awards and as the centre that you now train with has become so important to achieving the new Diploma this is probably one of the most important reasons for learners to choose Tree Life.


  • Our tutors are qualified up to ABC Level 6 Professional Diploma, AA Registered Consultant & Chartered Arboriculturist
  • We do as we teach - as consultants of the industry we are not only teaching but also consulting in the real world which gives us a real industry perspective for our candidates and adds credibility to our training
  • being trained by Tree Life adds a mark of quality to your qualification in the eyes of others - people are adding that they have been trained by Tree Life to their CV's.
  • Dave Dowson of Tree Life wrote Levels 2, 4 & 6 Diploma in Arboriculture in conjunction with ABC Awards and remains the lead moderator for the qualifications. He is also a fellow member of the Chartered Institute of Educational Assessors (CIEA) and has undertaken a masters in Educational Assessment to ensure that we are at the forefront of education as well as arboriculture.
  • We have been through 7 years of moderation's now under the new qualifications and we have sailed through with no further recommendations which means that the work we our setting and marking for our learners is passing instantly when it comes to the moderation. Being able to rely on your centre has never been so important.
  • Learners get up to 2 years after they have finished their classroom studies with us to continue to submit work if they need to - an unforeseen event in the course year or slower progression doesn't have to mean no qualification.


Often for learners there are two questions when it comes to training that are asked:
  • What qualifications do you hold?
  • Where did your study?

The Professional Qualification Route of levels 2, 4 & 6 are for those candidates that wish to reach for the roles of Tree Officer or Consultant. If you are looking at the research side of arboriculture then the degree route may be more for you.

Tree Life we have been building a reputation over the last 22 years, surpassing many institutions in the world of arboriculture, so telling people where you study simply opens you up to the network of 'TreeLifers' (as they have affectionately become known)! We are delighted that being able to say you have trained with Tree Life adds to the qualification you have gained.


We believe that it is for these reasons that our learners are so loyal in sharing their experience and promoting us so highly by word of mouth - for us, this is the highest compliment we could receive.


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