For those looking at taking the level 4 or 6 Diploma qualifications have a look below at the testimonials given by current and previous candidates, it will give you a real insight in the qualification and us as your provider

​ From the initial enquiry, when I picked up the 'phone to Treelife, through to the completion of the Level 4 Arb Diploma – I have received nothing but the highest quality advice, support, teaching and professional delivery. Whilst it is a tough course which involves a considerable level of personal commitment and time input, all the staff at Treelife show equivalent, if not more commitment to helping each one of us achieve targets and quality assignments required to meet the assessment criteria. I really enjoyed the Level 4 sessions and felt that throughout the course there was always someone to provide a swift response with help and encouragement – both technically and administratively. I have no hesitation in recommending Treelife for the qualifications they teach and coordinate."

~ Katie Critchley | l4 Westonbirt 2015

​ With the guidance provided by Tree Life I managed to achieve my level 4 in the timeframe that I desired. I found the delivery and administration of the course highly satisfactory and I would fully recommend them."

~ Seb Macleod | Westonbirt L4 2015

​ I have just completed my Level 4 Diploma with TreeLife. It was a very well structured and taught course and I really enjoyed my time spent at the lectures. It is a lot of work but if you are committed and keep working hard it is worthwhile. Since finishing the Level 4 I have decided to go straight on to do the Level 6 Diploma as I was very pleased with the teaching from my tutors, (Dave, Andy and Karen) and Keely was always there to answer any questions I had."

~ Arno van Heygen | Barcham 2016 L4

​ Having just finished the Level 4 Diploma with Tree Life I would recommend it to anyone who is considering taking it.
My tutor was Andy Summerly who was willing to answer any questions put to him and his written and verbal feedback was well informed so assignments could be submitted and passed.
If any problems arose then Keely was at the end of a phone or email to assist in any queries."

~ Phil Grimes | L4 Westonbirt 2015

​ Speaking as someone who is half way through the first year of the ABC Level 6 qualification provided by Tree Life Consultancy, I would say, that anyone who is thinking of undertaking the course should be prepared to commit to regime of study that will feel like wading through treacle at times.
If you are currently working, employed or self-employed, the workload is not to be underestimated. It is practically impossible to keep up with the number of assignments and the timeframe for their completion, but once you come to terms with this, it is in some ways easier to manage and work at a pace that is realistic to your other commitments.
I have studied with Tree Life previously at Tech Cert level and as usual with the level 6 course you get the benefit of guided learning through classroom sessions and the useful discussions and interaction with the other candidates, such as sharing opinions and experiences.
The course to date has been very much geared up to the day to day work that you are likely to encounter within a consultancy practice or in senior tree officer role. I have found some of the modules and assignments very helpful and I have been able to apply the knowledge directly to a work situation.
The course is very much research based with structured input and guidance coming from Dave Dowson, so be prepared to spend hours of your time reading and trawling for information before putting pen to paper or fingers to keys.
This qualification is unlike others that I have studied for, in that there is no final exam, but this is by no means an easy option, as you need to pass every assignment at 100%, so be prepared to have work returned which doesn't quite meet the mark.
Overall the course has been very enjoyable and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a level 6 qualification in arboriculture."

~ Chris Widdicombe | Level 6 Westonbirt

​ On reflection; at the end of the two year ABC Level 6 National Diploma course in Arboriculture, I feel it appropriate to provide this commendation to the company. From start to finish your service has been more than excellent, being supportive (likened to a family), professional and at the top of the your game, whether the issue has been with my work, technical or simply to have a chat.
Any problem which has cropped up has been dealt with immediately, helping me meet the tight schedule the course demands. I have had dealings with other training companies and I can say, without a doubt, that Tree Life is outstanding. It has been a pleasure doing business with you and it has been an experience that I have relished. When I speak to my colleagues and learners you can be assured yours is the company I’ll recommend!"

~ Antony Price | Level 6 Syston

​ I started studying my level 4 with Tree Life in September of 2013. I have found the course to be invaluable for my professional development. The level of detail and support in the course means that you are encouraged to read around the subject material which pushes and challenges you to question your current thinking. This method of supported self-study is time consuming but is brilliant at encouraging knowledge development and providing avenues to keep up to date with current research and thinking within the industry. The course ultimately has a practical slant to it and so you will find you can apply everything you learn to your job (quite often within days of coming across it in class!), and the fact that the tutors all have industry experience shows when they are guiding you towards the correct source material. The tutors are excellent on the classroom sessions with an emphasis on discussion of the topic that means you gain a much wider knowledge of the subject, rather than just simply sticking to the assessment criteria to pass the course. The marking and feedback on the work you hand in is constructive and concise and after the first few sessions you will have a much clearer view as to the methods and style of presentation needed to hit the assessment points. Any questions you need to ask in between sessions are answered promptly and with detail to point you in the right direction.
On a more practical note, the workload is quite high and so your own time management is critical if you want to keep up with the course timetable. That said, if you have an interest in your development you will find this is not such a chore as the topics are very applicable to your day to day activities.
I find this course to be very practical, useful and enjoyable and as such will be continuing to my level 6 with Tree Life and I have no hesitation in recommending this course to anyone wishing to develop their knowledge and professionalism."

~ Dan Holden | Level 4 Westonbirt

​ Having been advised to complete this course by my employers, even though i already had a foundation degree in arboriculture, at first to me seemed like a step backwards. On starting the course however, i found that there was a lot more practical information contained within it which is very relevant to my daily duties as an arboricultural inspector. There is no getting away from the amount of work that you will need to do in the course (I managed to fill two A4 lever arch files!) but it is worth it in the long run. The tutors are very helpful, and respond to your queries quickly with relevant information. I would recommend this course to anyone with a foundation degree as it will underpin and greatly add to your existing arboricultural knowledge, and help you progress in the field."

~ John Rawlings | L4 Syston 2015

​ It is all about the learning!" You will hear this often when you study with Treelife. They are not wrong and you can't help being affected by the positive and infectious style of teaching that is delivered consistently throughout each study session. This is the first time where learning has been enjoyable and stimulating. "

~ Andy Luddington | Level 6 Westonbirt

​ If you are looking to advance your knowledge in the field of arboriculture, I can't think of a better place to study than with Tree Life. The course lecturers are knowledgeable and experienced in their field and offer great feedback when it comes to submitted work and Keely runs a tight ship in the office in Syston; if you're not afraid of a bit of hard work, then the L6 course is well worth the effort. "

~ Andrew Gale | Level 6 Harlow

​ You will be warned as to the intensity of the workload, do not disregard this! It is too easy to underestimate the commitment necessary and it will be and has to be your sole priority for two years. But, it is worth it, the learning process is continuous and even enjoyable. I'd recommend it but enroll with both eyes open. "

~ Gary Prentice | Level 6 Syston

​ I have found level 4 to be a challenging and very stimulating course. It's well organised, learner supportive and delivered with sound professional expertise. "

~ James Cooper | Level 4 Barcham

​ I completed the Level 4 Diploma with TreeLife in 2013. I was very glad that I was prepared to put my “life on hold for a year” because it was a lot of work and not something that should be entered into if you can't find the time (although it was made very clear by Tree Life how much work would be involved in attaining the qualification). The course was brilliant; my tutor Andy was so knowledgeable, supportive and encouraging to all of us. I prefer assignments to exams because I feel that you not only do you cover all subjects in an assignment (unlike exams) but also it gets rid of those exam nerves. Keely was always there to answer questions and was really helpful and supportive too. I cannot recommend the course highly enough and feel that I have a qualification which is highly respected in Arboricultural industry from a highly respected course provider. "

~ Sandie Saunders | Level 4 Westonbirt

​ The level 6 diploma is an intensive two year course, which to complete you need to be dedicated, focused and have good time management skills. I found that my reward for this is I learnt and developed skills that were directly applicable to my day to day job and some of the course work I completed as part of the course is in the process of being adopted by my employer. Tree life were instrumental in getting me through the course and feedback provided by the tutors was informative and constructive. I would and have recommended this course to colleagues in the industry. "

~ David Houghton | Level 6

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