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For your next qualification in Arboriculture you really need to work out what qualifications and experience you currently hold and what position you want to look to next and what position you ultimately want in the world of Arboriculture.



Where to start---> if you are on the tools and are looking to put your current practical knowledge in to theory, then one of the best qualifications you could look at is the Level 2 Certificate in Arboriculture. In 2010 this qualification was rewritten to be the first theoretical arboricultural qualification to go on to the new Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF). This qualification is designed to be your first step into the theoretical understanding of Arboriculture and the best introduction to the level 4 Diploma in Arboriculture qualification. This qualification is entirely internally assessed and so you need to be connected to a centre in order to take the qualification.

To see a copy of the level 2 units you are required to undertake please click here.

Moving towards the consultancy role ----> once you have gained the level 2 qualification (both on the old or new framework) or have been assessed (speak with Tree Life for best advice) as having the necessary experience to under take a higher level of qualification you would look to take the Level 4 Certificate in Arboriculture followed by the Level 4 Diploma in Arboriculture. This would start to move you to the consultancy side of Arboriculture or the role of a Local Authority officer. Some candidates may have taken the ISA Certified Arborist qualification instead of the level 2 qualification listed above and therefore feel confident in moving to a level 4 qualification.

To see a copy of the level 4 units you are required to undertake please click here.

The Premier qualification ----> the Level 6 Professional Diploma in Arboriculture with its 50 year history has always been a very sought after qualification with only the best achieving it, and therefore defining its prestigious place in our industry. The good news is that even with the recent changes the newer version of the Level 6 Diploma in Arboriculture has now been replaced with Tree Life's Accredited Training Programme in Urban Tree Management and has not been diminished in the eyes of the Industry [Dave has worked hard to ensure that this would be the case]. This has been a goal of Tree Life's because we recognise the high calibre of candidates are that have achieved this qualification and what it has meant for their career progression.

Candidates coming forward for this level in the future will ideally have taken the previous Level 3 Technician's Certificate in Arboriculture (NQF) or the current Level 4 Diploma in Arboriculture (QCF).

To see a copy of the level 6 units you are required to undertake please click here.

To get to the top of the Industry ----> Level 6 qualifications and the ATP give you access to becoming a professional member of the industry's Professional Bodies, such as the Institute of Chartered Foresters (ICF) and the Arboricultural Association (AA), showing that you have reached the pinnacle of your profession. Becoming chartered or a qualified expert witness demonstrates that you have an expertise in a specialist area of work. Gaining these additional qualifications can not only be career progressing but also very rewarding and provide for interesting work that not everyone will get the chance to undertake.

Tree Life are happy to give guidance and advice wherever we can so please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions; 0116 260 6939 or keely@treelifeac.co.uk

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